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Best Tools For Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain in 2019

Best tools for bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain

Explore the best tools out there to delve into the world of bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain

Over the past few days, bitcoin has been making the rounds in the news once again. Well, this time for the right reasons! With its price soaring as high as $5000, crypto enthusiasts are all over the moon. After three months of calmness in the cryptocurrency industry, the sudden spike has induced rains in the crypto town. Bitcoin price surged as high as 23% in this past couple of days. Will we see a rerun of December 2017 or is this a temporary high? Only time can answer that

Meanwhile, in this article, we explore the innumerable sources out there, in regards to cryptocurrencies and blockchain. For you newbies of crypto town, this will help in making sense of the decluttered information providing a host of different topics. There are tons of different websites and sources- some focussed on trading of cryptocurrencies, while some explore what the future blockchain technology solutions are like! There are a number of tools, each showcasing different ways to leverage cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. We aim to bring the best solutions according to their usability; all under one roof!

Bitcoin Price

It’s hard to keep up with the fluctuating bitcoin price. Lucky for us, there are valuable websites who provide you a daily update of cryptocurrency market prices. Check them out below


Coinmarketcap gives you an overview of the cryptocurrency market. It is home to more than 2000 cryptocurrencies. One can find the daily market cap, cryptocurrency volume, cryptocurrencies exchange data, price chart, and other such information on its website. It also provides in-depth analysis charts consisting of various factors. For newbies who want to explore cryptotown, coinmarketcap can be extremely enlightening.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

Over the past couple of years, there has been a steady rise in the number of platforms for cryptocurrency trading. While there are cases like Mt. Gox, a trading platform who lost investors millions of dollars, there are some exchanges who have also maintained an upholding reputation. Take a look below


Coinbase is one of the most popular cryptocurrency trading platforms in the World today. With more than 21 million users, it is also one of the most trusted cryptocurrency exchange platform operating in more than 35 countries. It offers to buy or sell cryptocurrencies. Traders can buy or sell cryptocurrencies using their credit cards, bank accounts or pay pal account.

Users have to provide an identity verification before starting to trade on the coinbase account. In order to start buying or selling of cryptocurrencies on coinbase, a user needs to make an e-wallet and link it to the existing bank account. This particular cryptocurrency exchange platform is backed by known investors and thereby has an upholding reputation. Additionally, the trading fees on coinbase start from $1 depending upon the payment method as well as your country.

Bitcoin News

It is hard to keep up with the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. This is primarily due to two reasons. One is that there are new and exciting startups and projects focussed on blockchain technology, coming our way daily. Another reason is that the world of cryptocurrencies is like a roller coaster ride. Either the sudden increase or decrease in the market value (latest being bitcoin) or the sudden hacks on an exchange platform.

However, luckily there are also valuable sources which can help keep up with the daily dose of the cryptotown. Check out below:


Coindesk offers leading news in crypto world and blockchain community. It provides a section of guides to bitcoin, ethereum and distributed ledger for beginners. From which is the latest country that accepts bitcoin payments to which is the emerging startup leveraging the use of blockchain technology- you can find it here on Coindesk.

With millions of unique visitors each month, Coindesk is a leading platform for the latest happenings and news in cryptotown


Another leading source for obtaining all the latest buzz in cryptotown is Cointelegraph. It has a funny animated way of portraying images into its news (You will understand after you take a look at it). Cointelegraph also provides market analysis and weekly overview of the cryptocurrency market.

Blockchain Technology Wiki

For those, who have now been familiar with what blockchain technology is about, have an idea of the potential of blockchain technology. The industry has the power to revolutionize a number of sectors including banking, healthcare, government, energy and even NGO welfare. Now, there are various articles and well-known industry players who have spoken about the impact that blockchain technology will have on these sectors. However, there are fewer sources who have everything under one roof.

After some research on our sides, we have found this website source who details in on each industrial sectors. Check it out!

Disruptor Daily

The home page of this website itself talks about all the industries that blockchain is set to disrupt. Each article also talks about the startups emerging in a particular sector or industry. The articles talk all about the shortfalls in our present scenario and how can blockchain technology be leveraged in that field.

Bitcoin Mining

Mining bitcoin is not how it used to be! Mining used to be rewarding and easy in the initial days when fewer people knew about the value of bitcoin. However, in the past couple of years, while the value of bitcoin has been rising, mining of bitcoin has equally gotten difficult. This is also due to the fact that the rewards in bitcoin protocol have reduced over the years. To know more about bitcoin rewards, check this guide.

While a new model of mining pools have surfaced, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Mining is expensive and requires complex hardware as well as expensive equipment. Although, this does not mean that one cannot engage in mining activities without excessive capital.


Antpool, owned by Bitmain, is based in China. It supports mining activities of 10 coins including bitcoin, litecoin, and ethereum. However, the particular company has also been involved in some malicious activities and scandals.


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