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Hi everyone, check out what our blog post page will be all about!

Hi Everyone,

So a little something about ourselves before we kick off this blog. As the cover picture indicates, we are from India. ‘We’, presently includes a group of people who have found a ‘curiosity bundle’ into blockchain and cryptocurrencies. As a group, we strongly feel that this new and exciting technology can revolutionize our futures!

When we first started researching into this whole ‘Cryptochained Sphere’, the first thing that we realized was; that, there isn’t much information available concerning these topics. Maybe, because it is yet at an infantile stage, especially in our country. Moreover, there are limited number of people in India who now, have become familiar with bitcoin, much less blockchain. So, this was the primary incentive to start this blog surrounding blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

So now; this is what you will essentially find from this blog. We will be posting about the different concepts which can help you gain clarity on the technology as well as cryptocurrencies. You will also be updated on the daily news and insights on what is happening around the Cryptoworld (in our news section). For a beginner, the blog can act as a complete guide to cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Well, this is what we have planned as of now. But we can always figure out more as and when we proceed!

At present, we are also in process of writing a book which is based on what has happened so far and the potential of cryptocurrencies and blockchain in INDIA. As a community, we strongly believe that knowledge needs to be shared. Feel free to write, comment or inquire anytime!

Thank you and we hope to build a long standing relationship with you!


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